Success Stories

I never considered chiropractic care as an option in the past. I pictured it much different than it really is and I didn't think it was covered by insurance which was another major deterrence for me. I have had several co-workers and family members share with me about their positive experiences and results with chiropractic. I was surprised to find out that our insurance plan included chiropractic care. I did my own research before making any decisions. I spent time on several different chiropractic websites, visited the facilities, and asked lots of questions. I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center several weeks ago with numerous medical problems including lower back pain, painful hip joints, migraine headaches, difficulty in concentrating, fatigue, waking often in the night, and a low immune system-among other things. I am not even 40 yrs old yet and I am taking 5 different "maintenance" prescriptions! I have been dealing with many of these issues for years, but the back and hip problems were new, and I quickly grew tired adding ibuprofen to my cocktail of medications. It just took the edge off the pain anyway. I found myself living a fairly stationary life. Everyone at Billingsley Chiropractic has been helpful in making me feel comfortable through this whole process and taking part in bringing me relief. I have learned a lot from the website, the staff, my adjustments, and therapy. I have benefited greatly from following the doctor's orders and committing to my treatment. I have experienced relief from my constant pain in my back and hips. My headaches have become less frequent. I sleep better at night and have more energy through the day. My range of motion evaluation and others tests have shown tremendous improvement too. I recommend that everyone try chiropractic treatment before masking pain with medications and definitely before surgery. It is important to take recommendations seriously, utilize the resources available and educate yourself. I have learned how to strengthen my neck, shoulders, back and hips though some very simple stretching techniques and how things like posture and sleeping habits effect my overall health. I look forward to more improvements over the next few months, anticipate better health and plan to maintain the progress that I make for years to come. I wish that chiropractic care and education was something that was encouraged as much as dental check-ups and medical physicals. I truly believe that last eight years of my life would have been different if I knew then what I know now.

Jennifer G.

I was suffering with chronic headaches, numbness in his extremities, allergies, back pain, low flexibility, and low energy. I was irritable and not able to do most normal activities without pain. Since I began care, I have had fewer or no migraines, my allergies have not been an issue, my numbness is gone and flexibility is as it was when I was in grade school! I have more energy to do things and have a more positive outlook.

Jerid M. -Dock Worker

The entire staff at Billingsley Chiropractic have been very helpful, efficient, and friendly. I have less neck pain and my hips don't bother me at all anymore. I never (very rarely) have headaches, and I no longer need to take pain medications. My daughter began care and no longer gets sinus infections and hasn't been on antibiotics for almost a year after being on them continuously last winter.

Julia P. -Teacher

I suffered many years with low back pain, leg pain, neck pain, headaches and body cramps. I was unable to perform simple daily tasks. After seeing Dr. Billingsley, everything is going good and I'm able to do more stuff than I have in a while. Chiropractic works!

Jerry B.

The staff at Billingsley Chiropractic are the best I've ever seen, very friendly and caring. I've had lower back for over a year where every movement caused back pain and loss of energy. The back specialist told me there was nothing he could do. After two months of chiropractic care, I no longer need a walker or cane and can move without pain and have more energy. My wife is now going also and can sleep without pain!

Paul S. -Retired

I started coming to Billingsley Chiropractic Center after 7 years of back pain. I didn't play outside much, like most of my friends due to my pain. I feel a lot better, and I'm involved in more things now. After seeing my progress and great experience, I referred my family and they have started chiropractic care.

Kaylee G. -Student

I came to the office with low back and leg pain that I've has had for 14 years. I had previously been under the care of a pain specialist and a back surgeon. After only three months of chiropractic care, I no longer take medication and feel a lot better. I wish I would have come here before surgery!

Brian P.- Factory Inspector

I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center with severe lower back pain and a constant ache in my shoulder that left me unable to perform my daily activities. I had been to a sports medicine clinic and a medical doctor for pain management with little relief. After one month of chiropractic care, I feel good, have more energy, and a better self-image. My wife just began chiropractic care after seeing my progress!

Steve D.- Retired Fire Chief

I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center with a tight and painful upper middle back in between the shoulder blades. I was on pain medications, and it really slowed me down. I previously had x-rays and an MRI performed and nothing pinpointing the cause of my pain was found. Since coming to Billingsley Chiropractic Center, the pain and stiffness has been reduced in intensity and frequency. The staff is friendly and care about getting me feeling better.

Luke B.- Fire Fighter

I was in an auto accident a year ago at which time I received whiplash.  I also experienced a lower back injury from falling backwards on a railroad track, where I herniated discs and has some knee problems. I previously received epidural shots in my back that only gave a minimal amount of relief, and cortisone shots and lubrication injections in my knees. Since I have been treated by Billingsley Chiropractic Center, I have been sleeping better, more energy and I'm free of pain. Dr. Billingsley is the greatest!! He has done a great job easing my pain with his adjustments and treatments.

George M.- Security Guard

I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center with extreme lower back pain.  The pain was constant and was interfering with sitting, standing, sleeping and any movement in general. After two weeks of care, I was able to sit, stand and move with relative ease. After one month, my pain was gone. I also suffered from extreme migraines that painkillers wouldn't touch. My adjustments have decreased the frequency and pain of my migraines. The staff is awesome and very helpful and understanding. Dr. Billingsley tells it like it is - no games.

Allison G- Teacher

I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center with lower back pain due to working out with weights. I had seen a regular doctor and was placed on pain medication. It interfered with my quality of life as I had to be careful of what I did until the pain subsided.  Since I started treatment, I now have more flexibility. I was in serious pain and the efforts of your office has helped considerably.

Michael C- Financial OPNS Manager

I was having severe low back pain, stiffness, and numbness in my legs, feet and hands due to a fall. I also had high blood pressure and heart problems which contributed to my issues. I've been living with these problems for years until they had worsened recently. I had difficulty walking and had to use a cane, a walker and a scooter to get any distance. Dr. Billingsley is good at explaining what he's doing and why. Everyone is helpful and caring. One month under care, I have little pain, feel so much better, and can even do my own housework.

Carolyn K.- Retired

Tina was experiencing extreme lower back pain. When I was a teenager, I fell and injured my lower back; that was 30 years ago. When my back flared up, normal everyday activities were very painful. I missed out on many social activities and was missing work. When my husband recommended Dr. Billingsley, I thought I would give it a try. Since I’ve been treated by Dr. Billingsley, I overall I feel much better - not just back pain better, but entire body."

Tina M - Insurance Underwriter

I had a neck compression injury and hypertension. I lived with neck pain for 30 years and  my quality of life was very poor. Dr. Billingsley and his staff are very professional, kind and caring.

Ronald J – Welder

I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center because I had a pinched nerve in my left shoulder that was causing my left arm to go numb. I was progressively getting worse over the past couple of years until it started causing problems at work. Since coming to see Dr. Billingsley, I have not had any more numbness since my first adjustment and my sinuses have cleared up."

Kim C - Insurance Coordinator

I had a history of having a hurt back, having one leg shorter than the other, headaches, difficulty detoxing and weight issues. I was having less coordination, stamina, and couldn't keep up with my peers. Dr. Billingsley and the staff are very helpful and supportive.  They have worked with me to find ways to keep balance. I walk much better and with more grace. I also have no more back pain and rarely have a headache. 

Tanya P – Student

I had back pain from an auto accident and was having pain in regular activities. Since coming to Billingsley Chiropractic, I have increased flexibility and reduced pain."

Clara D – Retired

I sought Chiropractic care due to lower back pain which happened when I was moving.  Unpacking and organizing was very painful.  Since coming to see Dr. Pavnica, I have more energy and less pain.

Susan M

I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center due to pain in my neck and back, headaches, dizziness, legs going numb and I was unable to sleep. I was unable to lift anything and was in a lot of pain.  Since seeing Dr. Billingsley, I am sleeping, no more dizziness, no numbness now in my legs, and low back is feeling better.

Tara B - Certified Nurses Aide

I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center due to back pain. The pain made it hard and uncomfortable to move and do regular activities. I had seen another doctor which prescribed muscle relaxers. Since receiving treatment by Dr. Billingsley, I no longer had back pain after two weeks of treatment.

Barbara B – Retired

I had a history of fatigue, constant headaches, neck and shoulder pain and low back pain. As a dental assistant it put a lot of strain on my spine due to bending and twisting in awkward positions. The pain was influencing my mood and the fatigue made me want to sleep all the time. I saw a doctor for my problems and was prescribed many different medications, which made me more lethargic. I feel that the doctors and staff at Billingsley Chiropractic Center are wonderful! They made me feel 100% comfortable, and are very friendly and fun. I haven’t had headaches in weeks, my back muscles are stronger and is no longer in pain.

Amanda H - Dental Assistant

I was having shoulder, back, hip, arm, knee and foot pain which was mostly on me left side. I had a past history of trauma from falls, auto accidents, and had arthritis for many years. I was in considerable pain, was tired, irrational, and had no desire for exercise, gardening, or being active with my grandchildren. I had been treated by internal medicine doctors and had seen a physical therapist. Since coming to Billingsley Chiropractic Center, I have had great improvement. Almost no pain - energy has returned.

Janet K - Business Analyst

After the birth of my children, I had experienced lower back and hip pain, which at times made me nearly unable to function. It was painful walking and difficult to do every day activities such as lawn and garden work and housekeeping. After an initial treatment schedule of several times a week, I am down to once a week and have not had any issues and have more energy.

Loryn V – Teacher


I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center due to headaches and neck tension.  As a student, I crouch over books constantly and has been having problems for about a year. I saw another doctor and was prescribed medications. Since seeing Dr. Billingsley, I hardly have headaches and have abounding energy.

Angie F - Student


I have a history of Scoliosis and was experiencing neck pain, lower back pain, and hip pain. I was unable to work full time and could not do a lot of activities with my children. Dr. Billingsley has proven what Chiropractic Care can do, what a difference it has made! I rarely have pain anymore. I feel full of energy. I can play with my child!  It's the best feeling. I have got my life back!

Rhonda G – Stylist


I had a history of headaches, stiffness in neck and shoulders, fatigue, constipation, and lower back pain.  I have seen a doctor for my symptoms and was told to take Advil for my pain. Laritab was also given. Since seeing Dr. Billingsley I’ve had no headaches, less back pain, no tension in her shoulders and neck and has had more energy. Overall, I feel a lot better - where other doctors did not help me.  My look of life is better. I really do believe that Chiropractic does help you.  People don't really know that much about it.

Vivian P


I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center for neck and shoulder pain. I had been seen by a regular doctor and was placed on muscle relaxers. The pain continued for over a year. Since receiving treatment by Dr. Billingsley, I’ve had no more pain or stiffness in my neck. The throbbing pain from my neck down into her shoulders has disappeared, and I can now reach over her neck. I can sleep a lot better now. I also told my family physician about my Chiropractic treatment. He said that Chiropractors can treat problems successfully, that the physicians can not find or do. Chiropractic treatment has made a real believer out of me. It works!

Theresa S


I came to our office with neck, mid-back, low back, and hip pain, and headaches. My doctor placed him on Vicodin and muscle relaxers. I was told to take his medicine and take it easy with bed rest.  Since receiving treatment, I can walk again, the headaches are gone, and I am in a lot less pain!  I would recommend Dr. B. to anyone that has any pain with back, hip, neck, etc.

Jason L


I had had upper neck pain, headaches, and lower back pain and strain. I’ve seen doctors and an orthopedic specialist.  At that time, I was given medication and surgery was recommended. Since seeing Dr. Billingsley, I’ve had a lot less pain, I’ve had more free body movement, better kidney function and no headaches. Without Chiropractic care I don't think I would have ever progressed as I have. 

Ron W


I was in a car accident and experiencing tremendous headaches and soreness all over my body. I’ve seen a neurosurgeon for her problems.  Nothing seemed to help so I sought Chiropractic care.  Since my adjustments, my headaches have improved and are less frequent. My back and neck can be used without pain.

Cheri F


I came to Billingsley Chiropractic for a stiff neck that could not be turned to either side. My left hip ached often and my left knee and ankle were weak causing falls.  After treatment, my neck was completely flexible and my left hip was free from pain. My knee and ankle were much stronger, and I no longer had digestive problems. I’m also no longer having falls and my upper back now does not tire as easily and ache when I have to do continuous arm work. I would advise everyone to be checked for misalignments.


Joyce P


I had neck, back, and leg pain. I had a few accidents where I fell off my deck and then had a car accident. I was in pain and my doctor prescribed her a variety of medications that seemed to help, but when I stopped taking them, the pain returned.  Since coming to Billingsley Chiropractic Center, I’ve had relief.  I’m able to do a lot of things I hadn't been able to do in a long time. I have brought my mother, sister, and son to Dr. Billingsley's because they needed relief and you can get it here.

Dorothy L 


I had been in a truck accident. I had neck and back pain, and headaches.  My father recommended seeing a Chiropractor.  After the first week of treatment at Billingsley Chiropractic center, the intense pain in my neck and back had been greatly reduced.  As his treatments continued my headaches have become less intense and less frequent.  After each visit, I felt more relaxed and a great deal of stress lift off me. Thanks to Dr. Billingsley, and to my Father for his wisdom of recommending Chiropractic treatment.

Mike S


I was a migraine sufferer. My doctor had me on medications to control the pain. When the medication stopped working, I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center to see if they could help. Since I received treatment, I don’t have as many migraines per month and don’t have as many daily headaches.  An added benefit is the knot in my lower left abdomen had also reduced in size. I am thankful for Chiropractic or I would definitely be in a worse condition.

Danielle S


I was having neck pain, upper and lower back pain, headaches, nausea, and had was sleeping terribly. I saw a doctor who gave me medications and told me to call if it got worse.  Since seeing Dr. Billingsley, I’ve been able to return to work and is able to sleep through the night. My headaches, back aches, and neck pain are all gone. I am living a pain free life once again. I have made a 360 thanks to Dr. Billingsley. I feel like a new person.

April S


I had severe low back pain that made it hard for me to walk with two canes. My lower legs hurt, there was numbness in both feet and I had no strength in my left ankle. I saw my doctor who told me to take medications and come back in two weeks.  When the medication did not produce any results, I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center for help. Since receiving treatment, I have more strength in my ankles and the pain in my lower back has let up. Before chiropractic care, I couldn't hardly walk using a cane in each hand. I couldn't get out of bed without help. Now I can walk with one cane and get out of bed by myself.

Bill D


Deborah had back pain, sinus problems, work related shoulder pain and spasms in my fingers. I also had heart burn. I saw a doctor and was told to take some over-the-counter medications. I received no results and continued to be in pain.  This motivated me to seek help at Billingsley Chiropractic Center.  After starting chiropractic treatment, my neck, shoulder pain and the twitches in her fingers have stopped.  I also no longer has heart burn. I used to take aspirins every 2-4 hours on work days, now I don't take any. This is the greatest benefit, no aspirin and no Tums.  Best move I've taken since marriage.

Debrah H


I had hip problems and was placed on muscle relaxers by my doctor. Since coming to Billingsley Chiropractic Center. I’m now out of pain. My medical problems that I had before have also diminished. I should have started Chiropractic care years ago.  I feel great. I can do my sport activities.

Marjorie M


I had lower back pain and my hips were out of alignment. I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center for help.  Since coming to Billingsley Chiropractic Center, I’m able to walk correctly and do things I couldn't do before. I feel better than I did before and I'm actually able to bend all the way to my toes. I am grateful for the support given by Dr. Billingsley and his assistance.

Lisa A


I was in a very serious auto accident. Since that time, I had upper and lower back pain, pain around the kidneys, left elbow and wrist pain, dizziness, depression, nervousness and lack of sleep. I had been under a doctor and a neurosurgeon's care. I was placed on medication and had surgery to repair the damage to my left arm.  The operation cleared the nerve damage to the arm, but the medication did not clear the other problems.  I was placed on so many medications that I could not recall all of them.  Since receiving treatment, I feel absolutely fantastic. All of the problems I had been having were gone. The neurosurgeon said I recovered faster than he had seen from surgery. I came here as a complete physical wreck and I now feel as good as I did when I was 15 years old.

David R


I had lower back and hip pain. My doctor placed me on muscle relaxers which didn't produce any results.  After starting treatment, the pain had decreased and my hip pain was almost completely gone. I've been doing the exercises about three times a week and I've noticed a big difference with this.

Kristy H


I suffered back, arm and neck pains from an automobile accident. I was placed on medication, but the pains persisted without any reduction. I sought treatment at Billingsley Chiropractic Center. Since I started treatment, he has notice freedom of movement in the neck and lower back. I also had noticed major reduction of pain in the neck, lower back and arm.  He reported that he had been able to sleep better at night and had less fatigue. I recommend Chiropractic treatment as a regular part of everyone's health routine.

Bob A


I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center for lower back pain. I had been placed on pain medications and I had received no relief. After years of on again off again pain that restricted activities, I have been able to resume normal activities.

Jack C


I had lower back pain that made me almost completely immobile. I was unable to function or do simple basic needs. I spent much time crying and helpless. Since receiving treatment, I have improved greatly and feel like I have been given a piece of heaven. I can't thank you enough.

Jim G


I had mid and lower back pain, stiffness, and knee and ankle pain. I saw an orthopedic specialists who told me I had referred pain in my knee from my hip. My left leg was 31 lbs. heavier than his right and he was very painful.  Since receiving treatment, I’m only 9 lbs. heavier in my left leg and my back no longer hurts and my knees and ankles are fine. I don't walk with a limp anymore!

Jim K


I was having chronic lower back pain, frequent upper back pain between my shoulder blades, neck pain with headaches, and acute pain in the left hamstring and pelvic area from a fall. I had tried many over-the-counter pain relievers, but none of them helped. Since seeing Dr. Billingsley, I had tremendous improvement in the absence of lower back, neck and upper spine pain. My left leg had also shown improvement. My pelvic discomfort and lower back pain was seldom noticeable and I felt I was improving constantly. This is a fairly lengthy process (a few months), but well worth the improvement in lifestyle without the pain.

Bill S


I was having lower back pain and headaches. My doctor prescribed muscle relaxers and bed rest.  I stopped taking the medication as it made me feel like a zombie, but I continued to have problems. I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center for help. I felt different after the first visit.  After a few weeks, the pain was completely gone.  Had I not come in, I would not have known that my daughters "growing pains" were real and now she has been helped also.

Donna H


I  was suffering from arthritis. My doctor placed me on pain pills, but I didn't see any improvement.  After adjustments, I am now walking and able to turn her head without being in pain. I should have gone to a Chiropractor a year ago.

Naomi N


I had lower back pain. The pain was so intense that I would have to crawl around from chair to chair just to get up. My doctor and orthopedic specialist placed me on pain medication, muscle relaxers, and put me in physical therapy. Nothing seemed to help. I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center for a solution to my problem.  Since receiving treatment, I can get up and down without all the pain. I’m able to stand up so much straighter and no longer have to crawl. I just feel better and have a better outlook from day to day. After being in pain for so long, I just don't think I would have made it without this help.

Phyllis K


I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center due to lower back pain, hip and upper leg pain. I was taking aspirin for my pain.  After three treatments I was able to walk without pain.  With each treatment my back and hips got better and better. I feels I’m in the best shape I’ve been in years. I feel stronger and more mobile. Thanks to Chiropractic and a caring Doctor, Gary Billingsley.

John S


I had thoracic pain, numbness in my left finger, and weakness in my left arm due to a lifting injury. My doctor and orthopedic specialists had placed me on medications and physical therapy which decreased me pain and increased my ability to function, however, I was in pain and had limited mobility. I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center for help.  On examination, I was found to have problems in my neck that contributed to the thoracic problems and left hip pain, which I had endured for years. My mobility has now increased to a level much better than before the thoracic sports injury. I can now move my hip and neck more freely than I have been able to in years and the thoracic pain and rib tenderness is gone. My left arm is now back to normal. I believe a combination of chiropractic and physical therapy would be beneficial in most if not all sports and other injuries.  As an orthopedic nurse, I would suggest an evaluation for most back patients.

Janet W - Orthopedic Nurse


I had leg and lower back problems.  After seeing Dr. Billingsley, I had better circulation in my lower and upper body and had better mobility in my lower body. My ankle pain resolved and my sinus pressure had also disappeared. I have normalization of my bowels and I’m no longer having muscle spasms across my shoulders. I am now needing less sleep and have more energy. The best move I ever made was to come to see Dr. Billingsley.

Mary J

I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which I only took vitamin supplements and aspirin. Since coming to Billingsley Chiropractic Center, I have been able to continue work without interruption. I have less pain her my wrist and hand.  Now the pain is completely gone with only an occasional twinge in my wrist. I would recommend this treatment to anyone and have suggested it to my clients in the hair salon.

 Carol C

I had an unknown malady that had been treated by my family doctor for weeks. My doctor could only recommend a medication that cost a fortune even though they didn't know what was wrong with me. I saw no improvement.  When I started treatment with Dr. Billingsley, I stopped taking all of the medications and felt better than he had for years. After the first two treatments, I felt as though I had been given a new lease on life. I received treatments for over a year, gradually seeing Dr. Billingsley less and less. Then, I didn't think I need to see him anymore. Boy was I wrong!!  After almost two years, I woke up one morning, and my problem was back, with a Big Big Bang!! I got under chiropractic care again and the benefits that I noticed the most are, I feel better, younger, and more alive, with no drug hangover!!!  For the Second time (I do believe) he literally saved my life!  I won't stop again!!

John J

I suffered from migraine headaches. I had seen a doctor and a neurosurgeon which prescribed medications and stress management.  After seeing no improvements, JI came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center.  After approximately 3 months of Chiropractic treatments my headaches are much less frequent and are of much shorter duration. I have increased energy, and better flexibility and improvement. As a RN, I have been a part of the "medical" team for several years and skeptical of Chiropractic treatment.  I now recommend Chiropractic treatment to all of my acquaintances.

Jackie W - Registered Nurse

I had back and neck pain for 4 1/2 months. I was under treatment from an orthopedic specialist and was taking over-the-counter medication.  I have made a lot of progress since I first came here. I couldn't hardly move, but I am doing a lot better thanks to Dr. Billingsley. I use to wonder if this kind of doctor was real. I have seen for myself. Thank you.

Joan G

I had low back pain, neck pain, headaches, skin problems, and my immune system was down for two years. I was under a doctor and a dermatologist's care. I had been placed on several medications and they weren't helping. Since undergoing Chiropractic treatment, I feel like a whole new person and have has tons of energy.

Breanna P

I had lower, mid back and neck pain. I wasn't able to walk or move without pain.  Since coming to Billingsley Chiropractic Center I have made a lot of progress. I enjoy life a lot more and have more energy than before. I am now able to do things I was able to before. I am a lot happier and I enjoy being with friends and family a lot more.  I don't know where I would be without Dr. Billingsley and Staff.  I thank God every day for them.

Christa H

I was having a stiff neck, back ache, and pain all the time. I was feeling terrible. My doctor placed me on muscle relaxers and told me to lose weight.  The results were temporary, but the pain returned.  Since starting treatment with Dr. Billingsley, I have incredible relief in my neck pain after the first few visits.  I can now walk and sit without noticing any pain in my upper back. I no longer have any sinus headaches or heart burn at night. I am also sleeping much better.

Donna U

I had severe neck pain and headaches. My lumbar spine was also in pain. I saw my family doctor and did not see any relief.  Since coming to Billingsley Chiropractic Center, I’m no longer on medications. My headaches are gone and the foot pain has greatly improved.  My back pain is gone completely and I now have more energy and am sleeping better. I recommend treatment for everyone to feel better.

George M

I have a history of headaches, lower back pain, and was unable to sleep for years. I saw a doctor who placed me on pain medications and anti-inflammatories. Since coming to Billingsley Chiropractic Center, my headaches are few and far between, and my overall stress levels are lower. I have more energy overall and am sleeping much better.

Kim T - Veterinary Tech

I was plagued with cold and sinus problems for two years. I saw a doctor and was placed on medications for this condition. I also took a lot of over-the-counter medications which left me tired and drained.  After seeing Dr. Billingsley, I saw great improvement. I’m no longer tired and have not had to take any medication. My wife is starting chiropractic care in the next few weeks.

Nick A


I had Scoliosis and was in pain for 2 years. An orthopedic specialist placed her on anti-inflammatory medication for the pain. Since starting treatment, I’m in a lot less pain, able to move a lot easier, and I’m not as tired as she used to be.

Casey D


I was suffering from neck and back pain, and shoulder and arm pain for four years. I saw a doctor who recommended physical therapy. I was under a regimen of heat/cold, medicine, lots of rest, a portable muscle stimulator and surgery was being considered. Since the start of adjustments at Billingsley Chiropractic Center, I have reduced the use of muscle relaxers from 4-6 times a day to once daily. My shoulder and neck pain are greatly reduced and me back pain has improved. I have more energy and I just feel better all around.

Charlotte O


I was having back and neck pain for 9 years. I saw a doctor and a neurosurgeon, but did not receive any relief.  Since coming to Billingsley Chiropractic Center, I’m now able to work and my back pain has improved. My range of motion is stronger and I have more energy.

Marilyn B


I’m a high school student that has been having headaches for 7 years. I saw a doctor and a neurosurgeon for this problem and was placed on several medications.  Since receiving treatment at Billingsley Chiropractic Center, the headaches reduced in frequency and I’m not as stressed out.

Sarah R


I was having lower back pain and neck pain. I saw a doctor and was placed on anti-inflammatory medication and orthopedic physical therapy which did not produce results. I sought chiropractic care to help me. After seeing Dr. Billingsley, I have no back pain and little to no neck discomfort. My strength has increased and it is easier to do activities.

Jesse G


I injured my lower back training for the mini marathon. I was taking over-the-counter pain medications with no relief. After three months I came to see Dr. Billingsley at Billingsley Chiropractic Center. Since receiving treatment, I have been able to resume training. I have also noticed improved strength and range of motion in my arms and legs. I was able to complete the 13.1 mile mini marathon. I no longer have any pain in my lower back.

Pete A

I could not move my right leg and my arm was going numb. I was also plagued with headaches. My doctor recommended therapy, but I decided to go see Dr. Billingsley instead.  Since getting regular chiropractic care, I was able to walk my dogs again, my constipation has resolved and I still come in for maintenance to help with her neck.

Donna B

I suffered from a fall and was suffering from lower back and leg pain. My friend recommended Billingsley Chiropractic Center. After seeing Dr. Billingsley, the pain was gone from my lower back and leg. I thought I really had messed up my back forever.  But I was wrong because the doctor took care of all my pains. I feel so much better and noticed no more headaches either. I'm very happy with results in such a short period of time.

Karen C


I was having neck and arm pain. I saw a doctor who told me to take some over-the-counter medication and apply heat to the neck.  This dulled the pain for a little while, but did nothing for what was causing the pain. By tackling the underlying problem causing pain (adjusting the spine) the pain is virtually gone. Thank you, Billingsley Chiropractic Center.

 David K

I was in a car accident and had shoulder and middle back pain.  Severe headaches were also affecting me. I saw a doctor and a physical therapist, and was placed on Vicodin and a lot of other medications. Nothing seemed to help and I was still in pain. I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center for help with my pain. Since undergoing therapy my headaches are almost gone and I no longer have them on a daily basis. I have more energy and feels a lot better. I was to the point of giving up until I started to go to Dr. Billingsley. I would recommend anyone who is in pain and having problems, and has done everything but chiropractic to give it one chance. They will see what I mean. It will really help, I promise you.  Dr. Billingsley is a very good doctor. I am enjoying my life again. Thanks a lot Dr. Billingsley!!

Tracy T


I was having a lot of different problems before I started chiropractic care. I had lower back pain, twitching eyes, blurred vision, aching knees, neck pain and was unable to move my neck, headaches, jaw pain, heartburn, and ear pain. I saw my dentist and was recommended to break her jaw to correct her TMJ. I was placed on pain medications for my headaches, knees, etc.  There was only a short-term relief of pain. I did not want to go through with the jaw surgery. I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center for help. Since my treatment, my headaches are gone, my neck has free movement and my vision is no longer blurred. My eyes are no longer twitching. My lower back pain, heartburn, jaw pain, ear pain is gone, and my knees no longer ache. The best result is that I can now give my cats and dogs the attention they deserve because my sensitivity to their dander has disappeared! I have no need to take Aleve everyday!

Maria D


I had been having lower back pain and stiffness in the morning my whole life. I saw a doctor and was told to take more ibuprofen. Nothing seemed to work. I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center for help.  Since receiving adjustments, my lower back pain is gone, I’m not as stiff in the morning and I feel like I’m more flexible and mobile.

Didre P


Since I was a little girl, I was having stomach aches and digestive problems since birth. I was seen by a doctor and a gastroenterologist, who placed me on Citrucel, Metamucil and stool softeners.  Nothing seemed to help.  Since seeing Dr. Billingsley, I no longer complain of stomach aches. It is a miracle!

Hailee M


I’ve had back, neck and hip problems for 15-20 years.  Since coming to Billingsley Chiropractic Center there has been a reduction in pain in her lower back. There is little to no hip pain and 60-80% reduction in neck pain. I have better sleeping habits, and overall feeling of well-being.

Jay B


I was in a car accident and since then, I've had back pain. I saw a doctor who placed me on pain meds and anti-inflammatories. Since treatment with Dr. Billingsley, my pain has greatly diminished. My lower back has improved.

Shawn H


I was having sharp pain in my lower back and in between my shoulder blades which was constantly hurting. I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center for help. Since treatment, the pain in my lower back is completely gone.  I still have a little more work to be done, but without this treatment, it would only get worse. This was one of the best decisions I made. I notice I try to stand taller now.

Mike F


I had neck pain, back pain, and burning nerve pain in her arms and legs. My doctor placed me on pain medications. After three months I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center for help. Since seeing Dr. Billingsley, the burning pain is gone. My back pain and neck pain are also gone. I feel 100% better.

Brenda C


I had sciatic nerve, low back and neck pain most of my life. My doctor placed me on medications, which did not help. Since undergoing treatment with Dr. Billingsley, I have noticed a drastic reduction in pain- increased mobility, and I'm standing straight for the first time ever. The frequency of my headaches was also greatly reduced. I have more energy at the end of the day!

Diane K


I was suffering from a pulled muscle in my back and was having neck and back pain. My doctor recommended pain killers and to get a lot of rest. I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center the next day for help. I've totally turned around in 5 treatments. I sleep better, walk better, and my back and neck doesn't bother me anymore.

Brandy P


I was having neck, shoulder, low back and knee pain due to an accident. I also had occasional headaches and ankle pain.  The emergency room doctor recommended pain medications, but I knew that wasn't the answer. I came to Billingsley Chiropractic Center for help. Since starting treatment, I have better movement and posture. I feel very good about my overall care and feel healthier also. My headaches, ankle, shoulder and ear pain are also gone. I also noticed this was the first year I have ever gone without a cold or flu. 

Tien M


I've been having constant headaches for 2 years.  I also had severe neck pain and upper back pain for most of my life.  Medicine was not helping. Since receiving treatment at Billingsley Chiropractic Center, my upper back and neck pain is gone. I still have headaches on occasion, but the frequency and intensity has lessened.  I overall have a better attitude.  I don't need as much sleep and don't have to take as many naps.  I have more energy at work and a better mood

Sarah G

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